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Kiosk Locations

What's a Kiosk?
Kiosks are like a virtual computer in-world that allow you to verify your avatar, get account information and buy tokens or a premiuim membership!

Below is a list of our current in-world Kiosk locations: (click the link to load the SLurl and visit them in SL) You can also search in-world for AvMatch kiosk and you should find us!

AvMatch.com Main Location:

AvMatch.com Alternate Location:

(Virgin Atoll Link)

AvMatch's Main 'in-SL' Headquarters is located in the Penny Lane sim and it is next to Rent a Stream. There is also our AvMatch Courtyard, which is a peaceful area for you to hang out and relax in with your friends. Click the links above to visit our headquarters in world.

Click to visit AvMatch in world!

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