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Tips for a successful profile!

In this brief article I will be discussing some key points to consider for creating a more successful profile here on! Why do you want a more successful profile? It's simple, the better your profile, the more attention you'll get and the more people you'll likely meet.

The first step is deciding what you want out of your profile. Do you want to meet friends only? Do you want to find an in-world partner to play with, or are you considering finding a real world partner as well? Once you've decided on this, you'll be ready to start filling out your profile properly.

The next step: your profile images. The quality of your images has a huge impact on the success of your profile! We recommend at least four quality pictures of your avatar. This means that your images are clear, not too dark, and give a good representation of what you look like in-world. If you need some good pictures, you can start by visiting our shop in-world and using our free photo-studio and poses. You can also ask a friend or even hire an in-world photographer to take some pictures for you and make you look great! Have fun with it! Look at other profiles to get ideas. If you are serious about meeting someone for real life as well, consider uploading some real life pictures. Finally, take advantage of your free profile by uploading up to 16 pictures and change your main image often to test out which one receives more attention!

Your profile content and what you write about yourself is another key factor in the success of your profile. First and foremost, stay positive with what you write. Don't sound desperate and don't sound depressed or down and out. Things like, "I've given up hope" and "There's no one out there for me" aren't the best ways to look appealing to others! Even if you are feeling jaded, work hard to project a positive and confident description of yourself. Second, take a few moments to actually write a little bit about yourself and what it is you're seeking or at least what you like to do with your time in-world. Put it in your own words! Your profile is more than just the check-boxes. Your intro is also very important in and of itself, because people will often read that before deciding to even view your profile at all. Again, stay positive, warm and inviting. Finally, make it clear what you DO NOT want! This will save you and others a lot of time.

The rest of your profile information is also very key to the success of your profile. All of the little checkboxes and information you provide about yourself provide the foundation of our matching system. If someone is looking for someone who DJs, builds, or likes to shop, they might only find you in search if you have filled in those check boxes! Maybe somebody wants someone who plays 5-7 days a week and is from the UK. They will search for this and the profiles that match it will show up first in their results! So it's critical that you take the time to fill in this information accurately.

The final step: Stay active! What does that mean? Login often. The more often you login, the more likely your profile will be seen in a general profile browse or when sorted by activity! Change your main image and/or profile often to see what works better. Don't be afraid to initiate the contact with others. Don't sit back and just wait for someone to contact you! Be confident and forward. And last, but certainly not least, don't give up! AvMatch has hundreds of new people joining every week! If you don't connect right away, be patient, because someone you connect with may just sign-up next week. :)

Thanks for reading and good luck with your profile!

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